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Psychiatric/Therapeutic/Emotional Support Animal Authorization General information: Pursuant to the Department of Transportation (DOT) guidance for the carriage of service animals, United requires
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Music hello friends step here helping you live well see you can it change your life and I have a special little guest with me today this is Oakley the Cavalier wiki who also happens to be my emotional support you're really antsy let's get a drink yeah you know so today we're going to talk about what to expect if you're getting an emotional support animal because there's a little bit of confusion I think with PSAs where people aren't totally sure what all is required so I just want us to kind of dive into a couple of things I wish I would have known before getting this little guy okay we actually got Oakley last September if you're new to my channel I have some chronic health issues and so it's going to a really really hard time was almost hospitalized and the worst moments for me were at night when Sam was usually sleeping so I was just in like a really really bad place and it was just like really isolating and my therapist suggested at the time looking into getting an esa and so I had already done some research and knew what breed I wanted and so Dobin and we got him it's just been a really fun little adventure ever since we decided to grow our little family and add a furry friend this was our first dog ever having to take care of totally on our own and I really think there's a difference between just giving a dog because you want to get a dog and specifically getting an ESA I think they can totally serve the same purpose but the intention behind it is different and so these are just a few things that we've learned in our time with Oakland dogs are so much easier than puppies so obviously every situation is going to be different there's no way I can speak personally to every circumstance but we got this little dude at 8 weeks old we live on the 3rd floor of our apartment and if you didn't know one day or that little they have to go out every hour having health issues it's not super ideal and thankfully you know I'm married I have Sam so he was really able to help out with that a lot but I probably wouldn't do it again at least until we were to have a house and I can just open the door and just let let him out in the back yard I mean there's so much more that goes into that like feeding them training them I mean they don't know anything they're just little sponges and so it's really kind of your job to help them learn everything and so depending on the severity of your illness or your disability it just may not be super feasible to start with a puppy we actually did try to rescue first there are lots of breed specific rescues because we just knew a Cavalier was going to be the best temperament for me just being very relaxed and kind of needing a dog that was not going to be high-energy but there were a lot of requirements most of them being needed to have a fenced yard so we just weren't I'm able to find an adult's rescue at the time that we needed one...